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Stay Beautiful Inside and Out

Our "sisters" love teaching our guests the basics and also discovering new techniques in our industry, we want to share our findings with you. Check out our blog for insights on how to continue your journey to beauty, from the inside out.

How Often Should I…….?

Coming into the salon not only feels good but looks good. However, at Sisters Salon & Day Spa, we believe they are so much more than that! We believe in the overall health – of your hair, skin, nails, and body! Often, we get the question, “how often should I come back in?” Let’s break […]

Shampoo & Conditioner 101

It may sound a little silly, but there are some guests out there who don’t know the proper way to shampoo and condition their hair. Or we have pre-teens/teenagers in our chairs that haven’t yet learned the correct way to cleanse their hair. At Sisters Salon & Day Spa, we pride ourselves on being able […]



We love it when our favorite brands come out with new products. It’s been a while since we’ve had something that we’ve been really excited about and now there’s 4 new products to talk about! Eminence Bakuchiol & Niacinamide Moisturizer This lightweight gel moisturizer is packed with amazing ingredients for your skin, including bakuchiol – […]


Head Lice

Head Lice With the county fair over and the new school year approaching it’s a great time to review the dreaded subject – lice. We always like to remind parents and caregivers about this topic at the beginning of every school year so that they can help their children remember the dos and don’ts of […]


Preventing Sunburn

With summertime here and everyone enjoying the sun with outside activities, it’s important to remember to protect yourself from the harmful rays the sun lets off. Let’s talk about the different UV rays, what they do to your skin, how to prevent sunburn, and what to do if you get burnt. UV Rays The sun […]


The Basics of Massage

At Sisters Salon & Day Spa we want to give each guest the opportunity to improve how they feel on the inside just as much as the outside. Massage is a great way to feel better on the inside. Whether just relaxing, loosening tight knots or muscles, or relieving pain. Let’s take a closer look […]

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