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We believe in empowering our team to build their careers and income potential. Your experience at our salon is top notch because our team strives to be just that. Learn more about our spa pricing and how we believe in compensating our team members for achieving their own goals.

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About Sisters Salon & Spa Pricing

Goal Oriented

At Sisters Salon & Day Spa, we believe in providing our team with opportunities to build their career and income potential. Our level pricing system allows team members to work toward promotional goals. As their goals are achieved, higher price points are set for their services to compensate them for the demand of their time and proven talents.

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Dedicated to Excellent Experiences

Our levels range from 1 through 6, with level 1 being the starting point for new providers joining the Sisters team. Providers at this level may be a recent college graduate or they may be a more experienced provider joining the team from another location. Whether they are mastering their skill set and learning from our higher level providers, or relaunching their career in a new setting, they are dedicated to providing each guest with an excellent experience.

Several Provider Options

While the expectations are high for everyone on the Sisters team, we have providers at all levels allowing guests to choose a level and price that fits their budget. When booking your appointment, please be sure to ask about your service provider’s prices, as they will vary.

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Always Growing Our Talent

We are dedicated to always growing our own talent. A fun fact about Sisters Salon & Day Spa is while some of our Level 1 providers are just launching their career, we learn as much from them as they do from us! Through learning from our team members and taking additional classes, we enjoy learning more no matter where we are at in our careers.

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