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At Sisters Salon & Day Spa we pride ourselves in staying up to date with new/improving technology. We love learning new ways to perform a service to give you better results. We have recently added 2 new services to our menu that we are super excited about – hydrafacial and Sugaring. Let’s talk a little bit about each of these services so you know what they are.


Hydrafacial is hydra-dermabrasion. It is a medical grade, non-invasive resurfacing skin care procedure that thoroughly cares for the skin. It simultaneously exfoliates and sucks out impurities (the gunkie) while infusing the skin with amazing products. It uses Vortex Fusion to push the product into the skin more than applying products with your hands can do. Hydrafacial is completely customizable for your skin needs/wants with no downtime.

More About It

It’s 3 simple steps to the best skin of your life: exfoliate & peel, extract & hydrate, fuse & protect. Again, these facials are completely customizable – there are several choices your esthetician can choose from in regards to the strength of the Peel (light, medium, or medical grade), the LED Light Therapy (red, blue, or a combination of both), and Booster Serums (these range anywhere from helping with acne to fine lines and wrinkles to rosacea). The best part that most guests love seeing after their facial is what was extracted from their skin in the Gunkie container. This can tell your esthetician a lot about your skin care and what improvements to make at home.

Types of Hydrafacial

We offer 3 different levels of hydrafacial at our salon. Platinum, Deluxe, and Flash.  

Platinum: This hydrafacial is one hour long and includes Lymphatic Drainage, Cleanse, Extract, Booster Serum, LED Light Therapy, Hydrate.

Deluxe: About 45 minutes in length, the Deluxe includes Cleanse, Extract, Booster Serum, LED Light Therapy, and Hydrate.

Flash: A 30 minute facial with only the Cleanse, Extract, and Hydrate.


Our licensed Advanced Practice estheticians are very excited about this new technology in skin care. This machine brings results – especially with consistency in packages. It’s recommended to receive 1 hydrafacial per month for 4-6 months and once every 3 months after that. Packages are available for each hydrafacial type.

Check out our Skin Care page or call the salon at 507-451-2741 for pricing or any other questions!


We have offered traditional body waxing services since opening our bigger location in 2013. Now, we have discovered a new hair removal technique – Sugaring.

Traditional Waxing

Traditional wax has been used in salons for a very long time and is made of beeswax, rosin, oils, and chemical additives. It is warmed up to a hot liquid that is applied to the skin with a stick in the direction of the hair growth and then removed with a strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The hair needs to be at least ¼ of inch long for successful removal. It can be painful and leave the skin red and irritated.


Body Sugaring is an all natural paste made of sugar that removes hair. It’s a golf ball size ball of Sugar that’s spread over the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth and removed in the direction of the hair growth, this application makes it less painful and lessens ingrown hairs. While any type of waxing is exfoliating to the skin, the great part about the Sugar is that it only adheres to the hair and dead skin cells vs live skin cells like traditional wax does. This means there is less irritation, redness, pain, and less downtime.


There is a little prep that happens with Sugaring vs waxing. The skin is sprayed with a cleansing spray and powder is applied to the area. After Sugaring is performed the skin is cleaned again with an antiseptic spray and healing balm is applied. Like waxing the hair needs to be a certain length for proper removal but it only has to be 1/8 of an inch long. If the hair is more than ½ an inch long, we ask that the guest self-trims at home before their appointment.


We are offering Sugaring on body waxing only – underarms, Brazilian, bikini, and back/chest. Call the salon at 507-451-2741 to reserve a spot and give Sugaring a try.

These new services are a great addition to our salon and spa. We love being about to expand and bring you the newest and best innovative services and products to give you the best results possible. Call the salon at 507-451-271 if you have any questions on Hydrafacial or Sugaring and then let’s schedule an appointment for you!

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