The Wonderful world of Color

At Sisters Salon & Day Spa we love doing hair color. It’s where we get to be the most creative with our guests. There are so many color options and variations of those colors that no two colors are exactly the same. With all of the color options out there, let’s break down the basics of the different color types.

Allover Color

An allover color is simply that – one color on the entire head, applied roots to ends. Typically, it’s a color to match your natural color – covering grey or going darker than your natural color.  An allover color doesn’t need to be done every time unless the color fades a significant amount between color appointments. Going lighter allover is not an allover color, they are a little trickier and usually fall into the corrective color category.


Retouch Color

With a retouch color, the color is only applied to the hair that has grown out since your last color appointment. It is intended to match your existing color. Again, this type of color is not meant to go lighter.


Full Foil

If you’re looking for dimension within your color, such as lighter (highlight) or dark (lowlight) pieces, foils are what you’re looking for. The foil simply helps us keep the hair we want to color separate from the hair we don’t want to color. We don’t color every hair on the head though, some of your natural color will be left out. Placed all over the head, a full foil makes the most impact. 

Focus Foils

Looking for less of an impact? Or just a little something to change up your color? A focus foil might be more of what you’re looking for. It’s the same technique as a full foil but the foils are only placed around the face. Using 20 foils or less on the top and sides gives a more subtle look, for just a pop of color.

Color/Foil Combo

If you need to cover grey and still want some dimension with foils, marry the two together with a color/foil combo. It’s your base color along with highlights/lowlights for a completely customized look.



The newest in trends is the ombre color. A color that goes from dark on the top and gradually gets lighter on the ends. In order to get the colors to blend we use a technique called balayage (the art of painting) to apply the lighter color. There are many variations of this type of color including using your natural color as the “dark” or coloring the top a darker shade, having a solid blonde on the ends or selecting a few pieces to lighten for lots of dimension. This color is low maintenance so it’s great for those who don’t come to the salon regularly.

Fashion Colors

Pink, Blue, Purple…fashion colors are all rage right now. Fashion colors are trendy, fun, and show a guest’s true style. To create a fashion color, more often than not, the hair needs to be lightened first. Once it’s light enough, then the fashion color can be applied (also called a double process color) to complete the look. These types of colors are more maintenance as fashion colors tend to fade faster than other colors. They also take a longer appointment time, typically 4-6 hours.  

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Next Steps

Hair color is a way to express your style and personality and is just as unique as you are. There are many variations to each of these “basic” colors listed above, there’s no right or wrong way. When coming in for a color: Plan Ahead – schedule your appointment ahead of time to get the provider that you want and plan accordingly for the length of time that your appointment will take. Bring Pictures – colors you like and even colors you don’t like to give the stylist the best ideas of what you’re looking for. Be Open to our ideas – some colors are not achievable in one sitting so we’ll give you options on how to get there. And Be Honest about what color is on your hair now – when we know what we’re working with creating a new color is much easier and we can make our game plan on how to achieve it. Call us at 507-451-2741 to reserve your color appointment today. We can’t wait to give you the color you’ve been dyeing for!

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