The Dos of UpDos

The stylists at Sisters Salon & Day Spa love love love doing updos for our guests. Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid, going to prom, a party or any grand occasion, there are a few things that can make you feel and look as special as having your hair done up.

Here for you no matter the occasion

No matter what the occasion, we would like to provide you with expert advice on what you need to know before your consultation with your stylist, so you walk out with exactly the look you want.

Your updo checklist

  • If you have long hair (past the bra strap) or very thick hair, please let us know when reserving your appointment so we can give your stylist extra time.
  • Your hair should be DRY, and not freshly shampooed. If it is freshly shampooed, add some styling product so there is some “grip”.
  • Bring pictures of styles you like, and/or bring pictures of styles you don’t like.
  • Curls can go from loose to tight so avoid generalizations like “I want curls”. Be as specific as you can or ask your stylist for advice.
  • Hair color can change a look dramatically. Some styles will look much differently with highlighted hair than single color hair because of the dimension. Your stylist can guide you.
  • Brides, practice your style before your wedding day.
  • If you want to add extensions, bring them in to your stylist before the day of your appointment so they know what they are working with.
  • If you have hair accessories, show them to your stylist during the consultation. It is often difficult to add them in once a style is complete.
  • Be on time or early for your appointment so there is plenty of time to work with your stylist and so you or your stylist aren’t feeling rushed.
  • If something about your style is uncomfortable, such as a bobby pin poking you in the wrong place, speak up at that time.
  • Purchase the same spray your stylist used on you so you can have it for touch-ups throughout the day and night.
  • Have confidence in your stylist. This is a partnership and an art, not a science and it makes for a much better outcome if communication is open. Choose a stylist you are comfortable with.

Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

We want you to look as great as you want to – if something isn’t right, please let us know. We don’t want you walking out unhappy with your look. Be sure to call well in advance to reserve your updo appointment, as times can fill in quickly. We love having the opportunity to be a part of your special day/event! Psst, don’t forget: we also do makeup for events if you want to feel extra fancy!

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